Il Filo dei Pensieri di DIana Dussi Copyright Il Filo dei Pensieri 2023
I started my first bobbin lace course in 2006 and I've learned the foundamentals of the Gorizia lace, I practiced a lot (!) and then I went poking around how bobbin lace is crafted in Europe.   One after the other, a lot of books has found a place in my library and my notebook has reached the thickness – and the weight! - of a real “tome”, welcoming pages that explain different stiches. Thanks to my archivist degree, I've done some interesting bibliographic researchs and I've found different original texts where I have learnt how a lace was crafted “once upon a time”.
Then I took advantage of the great luck of having one of the only two european schools of bobbin lace at the doorstep, I enrolled at the school "Corsi Merletti di Gorizia", now Foundation Scuola Merletti to gain the degree of Maestro Merlettaio (Bobbin Lace Master) and the degree of specialization too, I wanted to finish my preparation and to deepen my knowledge of the drawing and the history of the art. In the following images you can see the lace that was the focal point of my thesis, it's a lace crafted following the chantilly tecnique and it very freely (!) copies a motif from the shawl worn by Charlotte of Belgium, Empress of Mexico, portrayed in the painting by Jean Portaels (Miramare Castle, Trieste).
Instead these images portrait the laces crafted to gain the degree of specialization; it's the same floral motif  proposed three times with some differences in the pattern, in order to be crafted with three different tecniques, from the left Withof-Duchesse, Gorizia Lace, Honiton.
From 2010 I work in my small atelier "Il Filo dei Pensieri", in the last years I went to several European events. In 2015 I took part with my creation in the National Competition announced by the Civic Museum Foundation of Venice, my work won a prize and now the lace is part of the Collection of the Museum of the Lace of Burano. I write for the magazine "Die Spitze", published by the German Group "Deutscher Klöppelverband e. V.", for which I held a lace workshop in 2017 during the 35th Klöppelspitzen-kongress, in Wangen im Allgäu. Since some years I have been teaching courses for the Austrian group "Verein Klöppeln und Textile Spitzenkunst in Österreich".