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Wangen im Allgäu (Germany)
35 Klöppelspitzen Kongress Deutscher Klöppelverband e.V.
Vienna (Austria)
Course on how to craft a lace for a blouse
At home, as always. Some days of hard work and a wonderful group of lacemakers!
da Die Spitze 2017/2
Gunskirchen bei Wels (Austria)
7° Congress of the Austrian Association of Textile and Lace Arts Gunskirchen bei Wels, 29-30 September2017
Wonderful sunny days, equally wonderful people at the bobbin lace workshop and then happy days at the markey. An exceptionally beatiful show, exceptionally good cakes and a superlative organization! I didn't feel the fatigue, too much enthusiasm!
After a "warm" welcome  (-2°!!!), you find old friends, you meet new ones, you teach, but above all, you learn !!!