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Emden (Germany)
Ljubljana (Slovenia)
OIDFA World Lace Congress An event close to home with all the flavour of a great international experience. A big chance to learn, exchange opinion, breath very hot air that is also bubbling because of the large number of different languages, voices and smiles form all over the world...And so my patterns has reached Japan, South Africa and America... Huge smile!!!
34 Klöppelspitzen Kongress Deutscher Klöppelverband e.V. Far, far, far away...Two day trip only to go up there! The place more than compensates your huge tiredness with its beauty, wonderful organization and for the first time I've seen the curiosity and the interest for the Fiandra a Tre paia! This experience is a cornerstone for our future, I hope that the next locations will be as beautiful as this, but  a little bit closer to my place!!!