Il Filo dei Pensieri di DIana Dussi Copyright Il Filo dei Pensieri 2023
"Atmosfera autunnale" (Authumn feeling) is without doubt a special project that will stay in my heart for many reasons: first of all because it was project thought with my husband, from the first time we saw the vase in the shop and we fell in love with it. Then because of the long design fase and the need to figure with time to spare every possible difficulty we could possibly face, from the "simple" task of making a hole in the vase to let the optical fibers out without destroying it, to the handling of the hot candle gel without damaging the lace, the optical fibers and our hands!
Going to the practical phase, it was a matter of overcoming the technical difficulties of working traditional threads and optical fibers at the same time, more than a hundreds pairs of bobbin laces were used to craft each leaf, pairing threads of different material, thickness and color. Meanwhile it was neccessary to work the fibers, as a single thread and as a pair, without any damage, the optical fibers cannot be fold, only gently bent, otherwise the light beam is stopped and, it goes without saying, it's not possible to substitute a damaged fiber while crafting. For these and other reasons, "Atmosfera autunnale" has been a very special fascinating project.