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Talkin to people who didn't know the bobbin lace it's happened more than once that I was told “It's difficult and it takes a lot of patience”...It's true that doing some of the stitches is difficult, because despite the hand made crafting the lace has to be perfect. But it doesn't take patience. Patience is needed when you do something unpleasant. In my opinion to craft a lace, as in painting or woodcarving, you need dedication.
My laces are always crafted on one of my original designs, on your request I can create  design on particular subjects and with specific dimensions which will be forever yours  only. I cover the design with a transparent film to protect the thread from incidental loss of ink, I "stuff" it on the back with some sheets of paper to make it have more body and make it stronger. Finally I pin the design to the lace pillow. I use either the cilindric lace pillow, stuffed with saw dust,   typical of my area or a flat pillow, it depends on the lace I have to craft. I use only threads of the best Italian and European brands, I choose the thread (cotton, linen,  silk, metallic...) taking into consideration the design and the final destination of the lace.
I've always  preferred fine threads, despite the longer and more careful crafting, because the  resulting lace is always a masterpiece of elegance. Furthermore, a fine and precious thread allows the creation of charming "miniature" laces.
If the work requires a cloth insertion, the cloth is washed first, then the lace is applied and well-finished entirely by hand.
You’ll find several laces in my Showcase, if you need further information, feel free to contact me!